Popularity and the desire to belong to something came at a great cost for Emma Whelan when at the age of fourteen she gave birth to her first and what would be her only son. Gavin Alexander Whelan was born in Denver, Colorado on July 12, 1985. He'd go on to be raised by his teenaged mother and her parents, the only male figures in his life being his grandfather and uncle. As a child there was little he knew about his father, only that he wasn't around and wouldn't ever be, which would lead to a strong sense of resentment which grew as time passed. Gavin's childhood became less than ideal once he and Emma moved out of her parents' home. She worked long hours to support herself and her young son, often leaving him to care for himself when she wasn't around. At a very young age, and though needing the guidance of a strong parental figure, Gavin had little time to just be a kid and found himself starting on a route of independence.

Emma's head had never been where it belonged, having learned very little from the incident which resulted in her son so it was no surprise that she'd wander down a path of irresponsibility and promiscuity. Gavin did his best to ignore his mother's revolving door of men, some who tried to take over the place of his absent father and non whom he was the slightest bit accepting of. Emma would go on to forge a lasting relationship, different from the previous mistakes she had made in the past, and it would lead to marriage and later on an actual family. While Gavin respected his stepfather, as much as an emotionally disturbed eleven year old with a conflicted life could, he didn't welcome the man with open arms nor was he too thrilled to find out his mother was expecting a child with him - one that wouldn't be a mistake like Gavin had been, something Emma in her fits of rage and helplessness had clued him in on several times in the past. Those were words that stung harder each time they were said and words that he'd carry with him into adulthood, ones he would only forget perhaps upon his ceasing to exist.

By the time Gavin was in high school he was the older half brother to two little girls, both born into his mother's perfect marriage. It took a long while for him to become used to the idea of a family, it no longer being just him and his mom fending for themselves. With time he'd go on to love his sisters fiercely, vowing to watch out for them in every way he could, and he'd learn to cut his stepfather some slack knowing he loved both Emma and himself though they were words Gavin himself could never bring himself to utter. In the fall after graduating from high school, Gavin made the decision to attend college in Massachusetts where he enrolled in the dual degree program at Boston University's School of Hospitality Administration as well as its School of Management. While still a student, he took part of an internship program that eventually landed him a paid position at London's 5-star Dorchester Hotel where he garnered hands on experience past being a bellhop in his younger years at various Denver hotels. A nomad since his late teens, he always found it rather easy to fit in and get used to being wherever his feet took him. Though only there for three years, his time there allowed him to move up the ranks and cultivate the professional work ethic he maintains now, even taking a position there as housekeeping manager; extended to him due to obvious dedication and integrity.

Life across the pond would lose its splendor after some time and Gavin, reeling from a doomed relationship and needing to figure some things out in his life which had become a looped routine, found himself right back in Boston where he submerged himself into his studies once more. Independent since young and always headstrong, Gavin figured a Master's Degree under his belt couldn't hurt anyone and might just add a few more figures to his bank account. He graduated from his alma mater, Boston University's School of Management, with an MBA. this would eventually lead Gavin to find his way back to Colorado and settle in Denver before accepting employment at the Four Seasons Hotel. Known to be a friendly guy most of the time and an easy fit in whatever group imaginable, Gavin can be found acting less than professional every now and then and gossiping up a storm with the room service ladies whom always seem to know the latest happenings around the place. though stern and known to lay down the law whenever necessary, he in no way rules with an iron fist and treats his employees with the respect they certainly deserve.

The position of operations manager is a demanding one and there are times when donning a suit and playing Atlas with the world on his shoulders gets to him so he'll waste no time in escaping to his office and locking himself in his bathroom until feeling sane enough to return to the world. He's typically high strung under pressure, can't help his type A personality and wants to be in charge of everything always, but when it comes to miniscule things like picking out a restaurant or movie to go to or see he'll gladly sit back and let someone else decide. Though known to have his moody moments, it's rare for him to not tease or make a joke about even the most serious of things. It's something which usually has people brand him as rude or insensitive but humor has always been the way he copes with every day life, a life which started out less than ideal for Gavin Whelan but has the potential to finally redeem itself.

birth date + age
07.12.85 / 30
hotel operations manager
denver, co
relationship status
- vehemently refused to be adopted by/take his stepfather's last name when his mother married him, even threatening to run away. his mother figured it was the one thing she could allow gavin to keep to himself since he was having a hard time adjusting to her marriage and what would be the new addition to the family.

- diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 8. he keeps it under control with a regular schedule of medication and it's something he's not particularly fond of sharing so he simply doesn't.

- lives in a two bedroom apartment with his boxer danny. he has lived on his own since his late teens and has no desire to change that any time soon.

- his best friend comes in the form of a dog, not trusting anyone enough for it to be any different. after a lifelong of failed friendships and relationships, he doesn't care to form any attachment to people and prefers it that way though every now and then someone will slip through the cracks and find themselves a place in his life.

family EMMA (mother), SEAN (stepfather), KATIE (sister), HOLLY (sister), DANNY (dog)

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